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About James:

James has a passion for technology and has been interested in computing from a very young age, building his first computers with family members as a child. He began his education in Computer Science at the National College of Ireland in 2015 and has obtained great knowledge and grades there. He is on track to graduate with a I in May 2019. Using the knowledge he gained from his education, James began his own independent website design company in April of 2016.

Since then James has had many happy clients and thousands of people every day use his websites. It is because of the high quality and reliable service of his websites that he has built a strong relationship with every one of his clients. As well as web development, James has a great interest in application development, particularly Java. He has constantly performed well in Java modules in his studies as well as his personal projects, hopes to add some professional projects to his Java portfolio in the future as well.

Curriculum Vitae:


Web Development:

James’ first entry into the professional world of computing was through web development and as such it is his most detailed area of development. James builds responsive, stylish and functional websites that conform to exactly what the clients wants. He has a portfolio available here that lists some of his happy clients using his technology as the backbone for their businesses, every day!

Java Development:

While at NCI James learned of his love for programming and Java was main language being taught so he began that. James quickly fell in love with the language and spends time each day working on little personal projects, however James has not been able to undertake any professional desktop application Java projects as of yet.

Android Development:

James began developing Android applications in March of 2017 and has found it to be the perfect way to further explore Java while also learning a new and booming development platform. James creates small Android applications that solve a personal problem in his life, or showcase a skill he is looking to further craft, and published them on the Google Play store. You can find out more about James’ Android development here .


James began his post leaving certificate education at Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institute (DFEI) studying Security and Security Management. While undergoing this course, he became enthralled in system security and made it his goal to go on and pursue computer science so he could better understand systems like these. James achieved an overall Distinction in his final year and progressed to studying Computer Science at the National College of Ireland (NCI). While there James’ love of computing has only grown and now his interest lies in the development side of computer science, for both web and application projects. James has a love for programming and his grades show that, managing to achieve an average mark of 96.5% this semester in his Data Structures module.


Module Credits Grade GPA
Software Engineering 5 II.2 3.0
Business Entrepreneurship 5 II.1 3.3
Data Communications and Networking 5 I 4.0
Data Structures 5 I 4.0
Introduction to Databases 5 II.1 3.7
Object Oriented Programming 5 I 4.0
Information Technology Project Management 5 I 4.0
Fundamentals Business Analysis 5 II.2 3.0
Interdisciplinary Team Project 10 I 4.0
Web Application Development 10 I 4.0
Overall I 3.75

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